Attorney O’Connell possesses strong substantive and practical background with experience at the Department of Industrial Accidents including conciliations, conferences, impartials, hearings, lump sums, third party actions (Hunter), SSDI (Sciarotta) offsets and appeals at the Reviewing Board.

He has represented Employees at conciliations and conferences in Boston, Worcester, Lawrence, and Fall River and have written appeals. He is a contributing author of Workers Compensation Practice, (MCLE, 2nd Edition, 2010) and Workers' Compensation Law (MCLE, Inc.2013) and Workers Compensation Law(MCLE, Inc. 2013):Impact of Daubert/Lanigan on D.I.A. practice.

Attorney O’Connell has protected his clients from insurers and employers who have tried to prematurely cut off compensation benefits. He has also negotiated for the highest possible settlements.